Sunday, 3 July 2016

Win 10 Anniversary Update

The next big Windows 10 update on August 2nd ...
Windows 10 Anniversary UpdateJust after Windows 10 goes out of its free upgrade offer on 29th July, Microsoft will release the next big Windows 10 update.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update Available August 2 | Windows Experience Blog:

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Windows 10 easier to reject

Microsoft finally listens to its customers ...
When it is almost too late, Microsoft backs off its malware tactics to get Windows 10 on as many PCs as it can!

Windows 10 upgrade will soon be easier to reject | Ars Technica:

Unwanted Windows 10

No apology from Microsoft for its Windows 10 tactics ...
At last someone takes Microsoft to court, and wins, for pushing its Windows 10 down everyone's throat whether they want it or not!

Unwanted Windows 10 upgrade costs Microsoft $10,000 | Ars Technica:

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Google Duo mobile video

Google Duo - Mobile video calls made easy ...
Google Duo
At last a simple video calling app - Google Duo to be launched soon. The first video in this article is well worth a look. It describes the new Google Allo messaging app to be launched soon and then goes on to describe the new Google Duo video calling app.

Google Duo makes mobile video calls fast and simple | The Verge:

Google Allo messaging

Another new messaging app from Google ...
Google AlloMessaging is such a fragmented communication medium, unlike email that is universal. There is no point being on a specific messaging app unless all your friends are also on that app as they do not currently interconnect e.g. iMessage to Telegram to Hangouts etc. To get a sufficiently large number of users to move from their existing messaging app you have to offer something really innovative and useful.

Allo is a messaging app with Google built right in | The Verge:

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Windows Phone market sinks

Windows Phone numbers decline further ...
Looks like the end is near for Windows Phone. It is a shame that the main reason for Windows 10 was to get Microsoft into the smartphone market!

Windows Phone market share sinks below 1 percent | The Verge:

Sneaky Windows 10 upgrades

Two ways of stopping Windows 10 auto-upgrade ...
How to stop the sneaky Windows 10 auto-upgrade for goodThis article explains the somewhat deceptive ways that Microsoft is using to auto-upgrade Windows 7 PCs to Windows 10. Fortunately there are now two ways to stop this happening. Never10 from Gibson Research Corporation is possibly the best technical solution but GWX Control Panel also works well.

How to stop the sneaky Windows 10 auto-upgrade for good | CyberShack:

Windows 7 Service Pack 2 ?

An equivalent to Windows 7 SP2 at long last ...
A "convenience rollup" for Windows 7 Service Pack 1. This saves a long and tedious updating process when you have to reload a Windows 7 PC. Five years of patches in one shot!

Windows 7 now has a Service Pack 2 (but don’t call it that) | Ars Technica:

World's tallest dive roller coaster

Valravn - Official POV YouTube ...
Not for the faint hearted - especially just after you have eaten! Currently the tallest, fastest and longest drop roller coaster. Watch at your own risk!

This POV video of the world's tallest dive roller coaster is a wild ride even at your desk | The Verge:

Firefox overtakes MS IE & Edge

Browsers wars - and the winner is Chrome ...
Some interesting figures for global browser usage.

Firefox overtakes Microsoft’s IE and Edge browsers, but Chrome continues to dominate | TechCrunch: